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We are archdeco_studio. An innovative & visionary architectural, product & graphic design practice initially formed in Greece in 1995 and re-established in Glasgow in 2017. Architecture, art, heritage, culture, nature as well as the human body, mind and individuality, are inspiring us. We design attractive buildings, spaces, products and graphics that stimulate our senses, helping and uplifting our life as well as respecting and celebrating nature.
As serious, responsible, and qualified professional practice, archdeco_studio strictly follows all the regulations and practices set by RIBA 
For more information regarding these practices please visit the following links:
- Contracts
- Code of Professional Conduct


We perceive architecture and design as the art & science of living & space making. We take great care in designing buildings, products and graphics  that serve a greater purpose and have a genuine story to share with their users.


The centre of our vision is humanity and nature. We are building our reputation on our belief that great architecture and design  should be focused on shaping buildings, products & graphics with spirit, vision and ambience. We know these traits inspire humanity and preserve the power and beauty of life and nature.

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We are designing, building and growing !
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  26 Hayston Crescent                              T: 0141 387 4592 
  Glasgow                                                    M: 07940 017193 
  G22 6JX                                                      Email:
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